Caricatures by Tom Siler

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How to place an order.

To purchase an online caricature, there are 3 easy steps. Read them below, then click the "Order now" button to get started.

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Email your ideas

Simply send me an image of your subject. I will reply with any questions I may have.


Preview the art!

After finishing the drawing, I will email you a preview of the completed drawing.*

At this point, I will invoice you via PayPal. Then, you can pay with your PayPal account or credit card.

I also accept checks.**

*No "free" redraws.

**Checks must clear prior to me sending out the preview art.


I mail it to you!!!

The moment you've waited for has come. I will send you the drawing!*

Welcome to Cartoonland!

*Drawing ships via U.S. Priority mail for $10 shipping and handling.

Base Prices

Faces: Black & White: Color:
1 face: $18 $26
2 faces: $26 $36
3 faces: $38 $46
3+ faces: Contact me >
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NOTE: There is an additional $25 to $50 illustration fee for bodies and backgrounds (depending on amount of extra detail).